Let's build 2 new classes for other 60 kids

Our abundance might help in their deficit 

If you have on your heart to contribute financially on a transparent bank account, you can in here:

Name: Vojtěch Trčka

Bank account number: 4035520063/0800

IBAN: CZ90 0800 0000 0040 3552 0063


Thank you very much!

Local contact

Pastor Ndagijimana Rafiki comes from a neighboring country Congo. He came to Rwanda after the genocide in 1994, with the desire to help the local people. He has 5 children and lives in Kabadaha village in the Mushishiro sector.

Vojta met him "by accident" in 2014. He invited Vojta to stay with him for two days. Together they bought food and brought it to one widow and some orphans. When we bought a cookie as a thank you for his help, he did not leave it for himself, but he gave it to the passing children. Since then they have been writing regularly and keeping contact over the years.

In a severe drought that affected the whole of Central Africa in 2017, we collected money and sent him financial help, from which he bought food for the poorest people in his region.

In November 2018 we have spent 3 weeks in his house with him and his beautiful family.

We started to build together a bakery and because it is going successfully, we are now planning to help them also with a nursery. He started it but there are more kids willing to join and the capacity of the buildings are not enough so we would like to make it possible for at least other 60 children.

The Costs in separate points

Those prices may vary


Eur 340

Doors and windows

Eur 630


Eur 470


Eur 1400

Administration cost

Transport, fees, communications

Eur 260

Total cost

Eur 3100