Bread of life

Longterm help

The Bakery in Rwanda is OPEN!!!

We are open since 5th July 2021

Loaves of bread sold in 2021:

  • July - 1 997 pc
  • August - 1 236 pc
  • September - 1 550 pc
  • October - 1 723 pc
  • November - 1 982 pc
  • December - 3 171 pc

Last year we've sold 11 659 pieces of bread!

Bread of Life bakery helps in the long term and right now gives job to 6 people. The first idea we had at the end of the year 2018 and it took almost 3 years before we opened the bakery. We were so happy when we saw how the dream became true. We are joyful when we see how many people are coming and how happy they are. All the profit from the bakery is used to regularly deliver bread to those who can not afford it - poor widows, orphans and sick people. Our little extra means a lot in Africa.

The total amount collected:

The Bakery was built thanks to support of friends mainly from Czech, Holland and Austria!

Thank you!

How did it all started?

Rwanda visit 2018

November - First idea to build a bakery

  • First time with the whole family in Africa
  • We lived by a pastor I knew for a month
  • We brought a disposable help
  • We bought a cow, mattress, food, Bible, school aids
  • We tested to deliver 100 breads to families
  • The idea came to build a bakery and help longterm
  • After returning to Czech we began to promote the idea

How we continued in 2019

October - Began to build the bakery

  • Gathering finances
  • Promoting using Facebook, Youtube, friends, family
  • In October we had half of total amount, STARTING TO BUILD
  • Construction with the roof ready
  • We received almost all the needed finances, so we decided to build also a NURSERY

Next year 2020

Covid postponed the finish

  • Half a year of pause due to hard Covid regulations
  • In autumn we finalized - windows, doors
  • We collected the rest of the money
  • Toilets ready, water and electricity connected
  • Furnace completed and ordered mixing machine
  • Remaining to finish the interior
  • First visitors, friends from USA
Friends coming to visit
Friends coming to visit
Pastor with Czech flag
Pastor with Czech flag

Final year 2021

Bakery opened 5th July

  • In July we are back in Rwanda with whole family
  • Getting the last equipment
  • Trying to bake the first bread and mandazi
  • Decorating the rooms
  • Living in the house next to bakery
  • Last big cleaning
  • 5. July 2021 opening day
  • We are happy for a big interest

We are happy that you are a part of this help.

Local contact

Pastor with his wife
Pastor with his wife

Pastor Ndagijimana Rafiki comes from neighboring country Congo. He came to Rwanda after the genocide in 1994, with the desire to help the local people. He has 5 children and lives in Kabadaha village in the Mushishiro sector.

Vojta met him "by accident" in 2014. He invited Vojta to stay with him for two days. Together they bought food and brought it to one widow and some orphans. When we bought a cookie as a thank you for his help, he did not keep it for himself, but he gave it to the passing children. Since then they have been writing regularly and keeping contact over the years.

In a severe drought that affected the whole of Central Africa in 2017, we collected money and sent him financial help, from which he bought food for the poorest people in his region.

In November 2018 we have spent 3 weeks in his house with him and his beautiful family.

The Bakery project was his idea and we were absolutely in love with the idea. So much that we helped him to make it possible. 

The total Cost in details

Those prices may vary


Eur 2 000

To prepare a land

Eur 1 000


Eur 5 900

Mixing machines

Eur 2 100


Eur 1 500

Bread boxes

Eur 400

Other Tools

Eur 500

Total cost

Eur 13 400

"Help to others brings a real joy"

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