March 2021


greetings from Slavonice.

Next week I'll be on my way to Africa again.

This time I'll be there 4 months together with my family.

As you know, the bakery in Rwanda is built, we also have equipment for the bakery in the capital city, but the city is in total lockdown because of Covid. Public transport is cancelled and people are not allowed to cross regions. So, we need to wait until the conditions get better.

And because we don't want to wait and do nothing, we decided to go to Tanzania and start another project to help the most needed. We will do local research and try to realize a project to improve local conditions.

Thank you very much for your support.

We are looking forward to your visit.

If you have on your heart to contribute financially on a transparent bank account, you can:

Name: Vojtěch Trčka
Bank account number: 4035520063/0800

IBAN: CZ90 0800 0000 0040 3552 0063


Thank you very much!