Get to know me more...

My name is Jeska. I was born March 2nd, 1993 in Harlingen, The Netherlands. As I grew up I lived with my parents and two brothers in differents places. After I finished high school at 16 I moved two hours away from home to go to a Bible school focused on working with children. After two years I came back and studied as a pedagogical worker. I graduated at 21. 

While I studied I worked every summer for three years on Camping Letni den in the Czech Republic. In the spring of 2014 I got an invitation to come and live in the Czech republic as a missionary. I accepted.

During the three years I worked as an animation worker at the camping Vojta and I got friends. When I came to live 8 km from the town where he lived we started to work more and more together. 

He would take me out and show me his country and introduce me to the people. We connected in many different ways. We both love to travel, we could talk for hours and had a lot of fun. Of course we fell in love. When he surprised me by taking me to Tel Aviv and ask me there to marry him of course I had to say yes. On May 30th 2015 we sealed the deal and the adventures began.

When we came back from our Honeymoon to South America we realised we were pregnant with Joshua, we moved a few times until we got settled in Slavonice. We would travel through Europe. Now we are pregnant with our second baby and are planning our trip to Rwanda. To be continued...