News from Rwanda


Greetings from Afrika!

Thank you for all your nice messages, prayers and financial support. Thanks to this financial support we were able to buy food foor 60 families for 2 weeks. This were mostly poor people, old people and widows. We could also give 25 families a Bible. You can imagine that there was a lot of joy.

We also bought a cow for the church. She will give milk and her shitties are good for the banana trees. In the town we stay is a school with 200 children, 5 teachers and no books to teach from. The children that come are from the poorest families and don't pay anything, the teachers don't get any salary, they are vollunteers. So with your help we could at least provide for every teacher a set of books to teach from.

We could also financialy help many individuals we met during the course of time we are here. The conditions the people live in are completely different then what we are used to.

That is why we plan to invest in a long term project. We will talk about this later.

A few other activities we did here were visiting many towns and home groups, working in the fields to cultivate bananas, leading an evangelisation course, visiting the market and getting messured for real African clothes.

All the best wishes from Rwanda, we are looking forward to see you soon!

Vojta, Jeska, Joshua and the baby