Vojta        Trčka

Get to know me...

Jmenuji se Vojtěch Trčka a narodil jsem se 12. května 1991 v Praze.

In 2013 I graduated at Gymnasium and started a study at the Technical University in Prague to become an astronaut. After two years I stoped because my life was going in a different direction.

As a boy I loved the extremes: hicking, biking, running, exploring new places and so on. This never changed. Until I was 17 I had never seen the sea before. That is why I decided to bike to the coast of Italy, take a swim and bike back. That was the start of my journeys. Soon after Italy followed  Georgie, Nordkap, Iceland and Rwanda.

People always told me that  as soon as I would get married I would calm down and stop traveling. But when I met my wife we knew that our honeymoon to South America was just the beginning. People told me that when my first child would be born I would calm down. The way of traveling changed but I can tell you from experience that traveling with a wife and a baby is possible and even more fun! 

Not only traveling makes my life different from most people around me. When I was 19 I attended a CFAN (Christ For all Nations) conference in Prague. It might sound funny but God spoke to my heart. He was not angry, He was sad because loves me and He missed me. Since then my goal in life is to tell people around me that God is alive and He misses you. The funny thing is that now, many years after I first went to a CFAN conference I actually work for them. I translate videos into many different languages. Besides this I make videos for weddings, the local news and different events. I also work for the local news and make presentations about the journeys we make.

As I said. I love to travel, play sports, organise big actions and share life with the people around me.

Any questions? Just ask!